Septic Tank Pumping​

Workers pumping a Septic Tank in ​Bakersfield, CA​ areaWhen it comes to septic systems, septic tank pumping ​is not something you have the luxury of not having. Not only is routine pumping needed to keep the septic system in good working order ,but it is also crucial to the welfare of your home and surrounding environs.

Our septic system pumping service helps to relieve the tank of stress by removing the floating scum layer and middle liquid/effluent layer. Without regular pumping, contents of the septic tank (including bottom sludge layer) will continue to build up until they either back up into home drains, or overflow onto the drain field and even run off to nearby areas.

What Happens During Septic Tank Pumping?
There is nothing complicated about pumping a septic tank. First, a professional shows up to your home in a vacuum truck. Next, the suction hose is set up by dipping it into the septic tank and connecting the other end to the truck’s holding tank. Finally, a powerful pump sucks liquid and floating waste out of the septic tank and into the honeywagon. 

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    The general recommendation is to have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. However, this is merely an estimate since it all comes down to how fast sludge and scum are building up. How often to pump septic tank will depend on:
    • Tank capacity vs. size of the household – If you have a small septic tank and a lot of people living in the house, it will fill up quickly, and as such, will have to be pumped more frequently.
    • Amount of solids present – It is essential to pump septic tanks when scum reaches dangerously close to the outlet pipe. Generally, unsafe levels are when the floating scum’s underside falls within 6 inches from the outlet pipe. During inspections, our experts check sludge and scum levels and recommend immediate pumping when the levels are within the red zones. 
    • Condition of the tank – An older tank or one that has seen many season changes may need pumping more frequently.
    • Design – Some septic systems need pumping out more frequently due to their design. For instance, there are alternative septic tank systems,​ which utilize an in-built pump and floating electrical switch.  Such systems require inspection and pumping more regularly than the average septic tank.