Septic Tank Locating

Black septic tank  in​ Bakersfield, CA​ neighborhoodA septic tank is suitable to use just about anywhere and serves all kinds of properties. When picking the location of a septic tank, experts look for four crucial things: 

  • A spot that’s directly straight from and near a home’s sewer pipe
  • An area that is close to an unused piece of land with soil that can absorb large amounts of water at a fast pace
  • A site that is far away from domestic water sources such as wells, dams, or lakes 
  • The terrain should be installation-friendly such that the tank can sit on slightly higher ground than the drain field. That way, effluent can flow with ease to the drain field. 

Since it is standard practice to locate and install septic tanks underground, finding one can be difficult. So, this can turn into a problem considering that it will not be possible to do all maintenance and repair works without gaining access to the septic tank.

​Luckily, our septic tank locating service exists to solve that very problem. With this service, we follow a process of elimination that includes the following steps:

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    Be Mindful of what goes down the Drain/Toilet
    Septic tanks break down organic matter. Therefore, things like hair, cotton swabs, dental floss, cat litter, coffee grounds, etc., have no business going down your toilet. They will only work to increase the chances of clogging and backups in the septic system.

    Bombarding your kitchen disposal with immense amounts of solid waste or greasy foods is another thing that will cause unnecessary strain on your septic system. To avoid this, make it a habit to empty leftovers into the garbage before washing dishes.

    Eliminate Water Wastage 
    When water goes down the drain, it eventually flows into the septic tank. As such, too much flow can quickly burden the tank. So, try as much as possible to restrict your daily water usage. What’s more, homeowners should not leave taps open for too long. They also ought to fix leaky faucets and invest in efficient showerheads, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets.

    Keep Chemicals Away from Your System  
    The beauty with septic tank systems is that they have everything they need to perform efficiently. So avoid adding chemical septic tank additives regardless of whether they promise to improve the breakdown of wastewater, slow down sludge buildup, or reduce odours. The only effect these chemicals bring about is interfering with the natural make-up of a septic tank, thereby exposing the system to all manner of failure.