Septic Tank Cleaning​

Worker cleaning a Septic Tank in ​Bakersfield, CA​ areaWhen was your septic tank last cleaned? If you are like most people, your answer is probably, “never” or “I don’t know.” The reason is that you may have heard the words ‘pumping’ and ‘cleaning’ used interchangeably quite a lot. So, most people assume pumping the tank is the same as cleaning it. Not only are the services different, but there is a purpose for each.

Is Septic Tank Pumping Different From Septic Tank Cleaning?

The procedure used to offer both of these services is similar. A honeywagon sucks out the contents of your septic tank using a vacuum mechanism. However, that is where the similarities end.
Pumping a septic system is faster and cheaper than cleaning one. In this case, the focus is on expelling fluid and anything else floating above the outlet pipe. With septic tank cleaning​, though, everything from scum to effluent water, to sludge stuck at the bottom, is sucked out of the tank, leaving it as good as new. The expert working on your tank may use a muck-rake or hydro-jetting to loosen hardened sludge.

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    How often is Cleaning Required?

    Sludge build-up is probably the most dangerous problem for a septic system. The longer this sits, the more it compacts, sometimes even sticking to the tank. To top it up, if the sludge becomes too thick, that can disrupt the balance of bacteria within the tank’s ecosystem, resulting in a slowdown of the breakdown of wastewater. In turn, this can lead to all manner of plumbing and drain field problems.

    The recommended time to have a septic tank cleaned is every 3 -5 years, although there is a formula just like in the case of septic system pumping. Cleaning is essential when sludge kicks up quite a presence in the tank to the point of falling within 12 inches from the outlet pipe. Cleaning also remedies system issues. For instance, it is the only solution to a septic tank full of water not draining​ or the most effective way to stop backflow into the home.

    If you have no idea when you last had your septic tank cleaned, it is imperative to have it done as soon as possible. Your septic tank could very well be on the brink of damage, in which case our septic cleaning service will save you from having to pay for repairs.