Septic System Installation​​

Installing concrete septic tank in ​Bakersfield, CA​ neighborhood.Like any significant home component, the septic tank cost of installation does not come cheap. Therefore, you deserve value for your money when having this type of onsite sanitation facility set up for your property. We strive to be the best in the industry and pride ourselves on ensuring that each customer is satisfied with the quality of our work. No installation job is too big or too complicated for us, be it installing small community cluster systems or a large tank for an institution.

​The thing that sets up apart, though, is that we take on a holistic approach with our septic system installs. Our installation service covers: 

Property Evaluation
Before any work can even begin, we conduct percolation tests to determine the rate at which your property absorbs and disposes of water. We also thoroughly assess your property by examining the depth and consistency of the soil, nature of the terrain, and position of your home.

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    Choosing of Tank Material
    Rather than leaving the all-important choice of septic tank material to you, we walk you through all the various types available to help you make the best choice. In summary, from the types of septic tanks available, those made of concrete are the most expensive to install because their heavy construction is more resistant to damage and shifting of the tank over time. 

    Plastic septic tanks, on the other hand, are considered an all-round good fit. Besides being inexpensive to install, they do not have the problem of cracking when exposed to low temperatures like their concrete counterparts. Also, rusting is not an issue like with the steel tanks.  
    Steel tanks are not all that popular nowadays because of their high affinity to corrosion and quick deterioration. You can schedule a consultation visit to get a more detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each option. That should help you choose the most suitable material for you.

    Formulating System Design
    For this part, we take into consideration our findings from the property evaluation as well as your preferred tank material, to come up with the most suitable septic system design​ for your home.

    Acquiring Installation Permit 
    It is a requirement to have a permit when installing septic tanks. The process of obtaining one involves providing a percolation test report to the public health department. An official from the health department supervises the percolation analysis to confirm its proper administration and validity of results. 
    Wondering how much it will cost to have a septic system set up for your property? Well, septic tank cost tends to vary, since no two installation jobs are the same. For example, a small 500-gallon septic tank will be cheaper to install compared to a larger 1500 gallon tank.

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